Lakeview Bowl provides a great way to raise funds for your Peterborough Sports Team, Charity or School. There are many ways to promote your local Fundraiser, which can raise from $500 to $5000 dollars.

One way to raise funds is to collect pledges for your Bowling. This way a person can sponsor any amount. Another way is to sell pre-made tickets for the sponsor to come bowling to support the event.  Some money goes towards the bowling and the rest is left for the organization. This works better for smaller groups who are targeting immediate family and friends.  (i.e. $15.00 or $20.00 per ticket). Try to organize and put 6 on a lane because then you make more money!!

10 Pin Bowling
We have lots of room at our facility that people take advantage of by using the space to run silent auctions with prizes that have been donated, while the bowling is taking place. We also have a lane shield in front of all of our lanes which people use as an opportunity to promote their sponsors. Some of our events get Lane Sponsors for each Lane and get a donation to advertise on the Lane. If you can get the lane sponsor to give you $40.00 (Which we can give receipts for) then all your ticket money is pure profit for your cause!
All our staff at Lakeview Bowl is more than willing to help with your fundraiser in any way we can. We can help offer suggestions and make your fundraiser a success! We are a 36 Lane Bowling Centre, with 24 five- Pin Bowling Lanes and 12 ten-Pin Bowling Lanes. We have a fully licensed Lounge and Bar, as well as a fully stocked Snack Bar. We have a large Lounge Area or a Private Room for functions before and after bowling. It is a great night out for parents and helps raise money for your cause. We offer a discounted rate for Fundraisers. We charge $40.00 per Lane for 1 ½ hours of bowling and Shoe rental including tax up to 6 people per Lane. A great savings.
Licensed Lounge